Mar 21, 2019

A record £1 million to WaterAid in 2018

Posted by Kieran Whiteside

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A record £1 million to WaterAid in 2018

Posted by Kieran Whiteside

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Each year, we choose World Water Day (22 March) to launch our latest impact report and celebrate our impact worldwide with all our partners, customers and supporters. 

Eight years into our partnership with WaterAidwe’re delighted to announce the achievement of a big milestone: over £1 million profit given in 2018. 

Sabine Raholisoa from the village of Beanamamy, Madagascar. The Belu team met her in 2017 when there was no clean water or toilets in her village. Here, a year later, she shows the difference in water quality between her old water source and the newly installed tap in her village.

Our highlights

1) In 2018 we generated an incredible £1 million profitenough to bring clean water to over 69,000 people around the world In total, we’ve given £4 million to WaterAid since 2011, enough to bring clean water to 270,000 people to change their lives for good.

2) Belu has continued to achieve the British Standard Institution’s Independent Carbon Neutrality Standard, PAS 2060, showing our commitment to minimise our impact on our planet. 

3) Our third highlight of 2018 is 100% growth of the Belu Filter Initiative which makes it a significant contributor to this year’s results.  

Deliciously Ella’s Weighhouse Street deli in LondonThey joined the Belu Filter Initiative to do good for both people and planet. Customers visiting the deli can help themselves to unlimited filtered still and sparkling water in return for a suggested contribution. In 2018, the contributions raised by the deli are the equivalent to transforming 323 lives worldwide with clean water. 

As always, our intent with our impact report is to bring our approach to business to life through results, impact data and stories. This year’s report shows that if you have the right values, business model and a superb set of collaborators, you don’t have to be big to make a substantial positive difference. 

To our supporters, supply chain partners, collaborating organisations, and every Belu wholesaler and outlet that’s evidenced they care about value and ethics beyond price, this is your Belu water story.

Read our 2019 Impact Report.

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