Belu has partnered with international development charity WaterAid since 2011, giving them all our profits to support their work in making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere within a generation. To date, we’ve given WaterAid over £4 million.

We partner with WaterAid because they are global experts in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and are therefore the natural choice for Belu to ensure the most ethical and sustainable return on funds we invest to improve the global water crisis.

Like WaterAid we believe that everyone, everywhere should have clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Aligning our business with supporting the achievement of Global Goal 6 ‘Water and sanitation for all’ of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we’re committed to working with WaterAid to 2030. Global Goals logo

“Belu is a fantastic example of how business can collaborate successfully to create lasting social change, not only in the UK but globally too. Creating strong, impactful partnerships with organisations like Belu, is key in helping us reach Global Goal 6 and deliver clean water and decent toilets to everyone, everywhere by 2030”.

Tim Wainwright, CEO, WaterAid UK

*WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2017

** Impact calculation based on cost of £15 to help provide one person with safe water. Source: WASHCOST and WaterAid Report 2014



We invest in supporting our partner WaterAid’s work across 28 countries, including Madagascar where almost half of Madagascans have no clean water, and nine out of ten people have nowhere decent to go to the toilet. In September 2017, we travelled to Madagascar, Southern Africa with WaterAid to see the impact of Belu’s profits first-hand.

Being able to share the story of our social impact through WaterAid’s amazing work with our customers and other supporters is really important for the team at Belu. Back in 2013, our CEO Karen Lynch was invited to see first-hand some urban project work in New Delhi. Last year, some of our team were enormously privileged to be able to travel to rural Madagascar where we visited both communities who did not have clean water and others who had benefited from WaterAid’s work. We found the contrast mind blowing. The stories of people we met have inspired us even more to continue growing our business and make a greater impact.

Read stories from Madagascar in our book of #BeluWaterStories

Get Involved

Get Involved

When you choose Belu as your water service partner, we work with you to make the most of the partnership. In our toolkit you’ll find social media content, posters, table tent cards and example menu copy to help spread the word that you’re helping to transform people’s lives with safe water through simply stocking Belu.

Every year on World Water Day  22nd March, we support our charity partner WaterAid in celebrating the progress being made to reach people worldwide with safe water. We take the opportunity to thank our customers for buying Belu water, and engage them in raising awareness of the water crisis.

In 2018, our customer partners went bigger than ever before! Here’s just a few examples:

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